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    Infrared detectors on the radio installation method

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    Infrared radiation detector installation
    ① strut installation: the more popular, round and square pillars of the early pillars of the more popular is a circular section, and now the situation is reversed, a square pillar in engineering more and more popular. Detector installed in the main square pillar is no rotation, not easy to move. In addition, a wide range of stainless steel, alloy, aluminum profiles to choose from and also its strengths. In another approach on the type of work is the choice of angle iron as a pillar, if you can not guarantee the effective alignment through tubes Concealed, exposed to the air line, this method can not be taken.

    Pillar shape can be "1" shape, "Z" shaped or curved, the building features and security requirements may be, the key pillars is firmly fixed to be real strong, there is no movement or shaking, to facilitate the installation and fortification to reduce false positives.

    ② wall mount: now at the cutting edge of technology security market, the manufacturer of active infrared detectors, can provide the level of 180 ° full angle, pitch angle 20 ° or more infrared detectors, such as FOCUS active infrared detectors HA, ABT, ABF series of products to support the probe in a building wall or fence, the fence installed directly.

    Infrared detectors installed on the general principles of radio
    Set the channel on the detector, its main function-style preparedness of illegal traffic of people, in order to prevent pets, small animals, etc., causing false positives, the location of the probe should generally be more than 50 m from the ground. Shading time should be adjusted to the fast position, quick response to the illegal invasion.

    Set the detector on the wall, and its main function is to guard against malicious man-made climbing, both above the top and sides can be installed. Detector installed on top of the probe position should be higher than the fence, the wall at the top 25 m, to reduce the activity of the birds on the wall, cat, etc., causing false positives. Four-beam detector false alarm immunity stronger than the double-beam, dual beam off than single-beam intensity.

    Installed on the side of the fence installation sucked probe, the side wall near the top, usually as a wall-mounted, installed in the outside of the majority. This approach can avoid the bird, kitten disturbance.

    Each has their own way are the advantages or defects, contractors for each installation are and their own preference. Users according to their characteristics and the security requirements of the building to be used.
    1. Line for surface must not, must wear dark tube set, which is the work of the detector the minimum safety requirements.

    2. Detectors installed in the wall, its rays along the wall farthest away from the horizontal distance is not greater than 30 m, this turning point in the wall where the arc in need of special attention.

    3. Wiring connected, please use the multimeter test probe resistance profile power terminal ①, ② terminal, make sure that no power short circuit debugging before.
    Infrared detector on the radio for Debugging
    (A) of the emitter optical axis adjustment

    Open the probe housing, the eye sight aligned to observe the impact of the situation in sight, the probe's optical lens can be directly hand in the range of about 180 ° adjustment of the lens with a screwdriver adjust the adjustment screw down the bottom of the lens system from top to bottom 12 ° adjustment range, repeated adjustment of the sight of each other into the central position of the detector.

    In the adjustment process be careful not to cover the optical axis, so as not to affect the adjustments.

    Emitter zone axis adjustment of the sensitivity of the performance of great impact, be sure to carefully follow the correct steps to repeated adjustments.

    (B) the emitter and receiver optical axis adjustment

    The first step: According to the "emitter axis adjustment" as the method of optical device by a preliminary adjustment of the optical axis. At this point the emitter light goes on red alert, long bright green light, and flicker-free, that sets the first optical axis coincides normal emitter, by the light function properly.

    Step two: by the optical detector has two holes, the top labeled "+" and "-" device for testing perceived by the infrared light intensity, the value represented by voltages, known as the sensitive voltage. The multimeter test table pen (red "+" black "-") into the measurement by voltage sensitive optical device. Repeatedly to adjust the lens system so sensitive voltage maximum. That the working status of the probe to reach the best condition.

    Note: there are two four-beam optical detector systems, optical devices need to be separately covered by the upper and lower lens, adjust the first, under the same voltage until the light-sensitive. Detector than the old four-beam optical system is separate from the two sets of regulation, as it relates to both the transmitter and receiver optical system of four probes corresponding to the relationship, it very difficult to regulate, require particularly careful regulation, will be handled properly false positives or protective dead. ABF has two parts, four-beam detector integrates regulation, construction easier.

    (C) the shading time to adjust

    In the light receiver is equipped with controls of dark time, the general probe of dark time in 50m / s ~ 500m / s can also be adjusted, the probe at the factory, the factory will be time to adjust the probe into a standard shading position, in general, , this position is a relatively moderate state, are taken into account environmental conditions and the characteristics of the probe itself, so there is no particular reason, nor to adjust the shading time. If the reason for fortification of dark time to adjust, to adapt to environmental changes. Generally speaking, the short dark time, the probe sensitivity to fast, but like the falling leaves, flying birds such as the sensitivity is also strong, increasing the possibility of false alarms. Shading a long time, reducing the sensitivity of the probe, increasing the possibility of underreporting. Engineers should be adjusted according to actual needs of fortified shading time.
    Infrared detectors on the radio link with the host security
    Probe set, the access zone tamper switch input circuit, the line is completed, cover the probe shell, Tighten holding screws. Required to host the anti-theft warning lights flicker-free zone, no light, no zone alarm indication output. That the zone set properly. Otherwise, to check on the line, re-commissioning of the probe, re-determine the status of the zone.

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