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    Home security systems should be using a wireless or wired?

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    The scope of the problem involves a large, but the family is concerned, our view is: If your home is in the decoration of your home before or too large (especially the compound structure), the installation of security systems you have some knowledge And experience (or you can find the help you install the technical staff), we recommend that you use wired; reason: our renovated housing, the wiring must be to transform the entire house, while adding security system particularly convenient wiring , Whether ye say, wired stability is unquestionable; excessive housing (duplex structure, villas, etc.) are best to use wired because: wireless door sensor, small buttons and a small part of the wireless transmission distance detector Limited, too far from the misrepresentation or omission may occur. The housing area was small (less than 150 square meters) of the customer, we recommend the use of wireless, because the average wireless burglar alarm system can meet the requirements of the wireless transmission; reason: the wireless system, you can always change according to your needs against regional And location, change of equipment is also very convenient. Need to be reminded of is: If it is the wired way, under the conditions permit, as much as possible cloth and place a few spare lines on confirmation of the arrangements for you by professionals.                                     

     Overall: Cable product advantages, disadvantages

     Advantages: because it is dedicated line, so the alarm signal transmission is relatively stable, less susceptible to interference from external factors.
     Disadvantages: the impact of aesthetics, construction work volume, complex operation, maintenance inconvenient, to be hand maintenance.

     Wireless products, advantages, disadvantages

     Advantages: No damage to prevent the region's overall appearance, simple installation, easy to operate, to learn.
     Cons: alarm signal will be subject to interference from external factors, leading to alarm signal transmission distance attenuation.

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