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    Passive infrared detector installation considerations

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    As a passive infrared detector is a kind of weak signal detection equipment, the installation should be noted that some of the details of issues, such as height and sensitivity. A passive infrared detector is properly installed, you must master the information in the following aspects: first, the performance characteristics of the detector must understand, then to reasonably determine the location of installation, and finally must be careful debugging. Detector can not be said to install a good alarm, then how to determine a passive infrared detector is installed it?
    Determined according to the instructions to install the normal angle
    Mounting height is not random, will affect the sensitivity of the detector and the effect of anti-small pets. Imagine a detector installed in the location and height of 2.5-2M high position, then the mobile object moves from the ground, cut out and dark areas of the frequency is not the same.
    Glass windows and doors should not face
    Passive infrared detector are on the glass doors and windows, there are two problems: First, white light interference, clearly has a strong white light PIR on suppression, but after all not 100% inhibition. So to avoid being on the glass doors and windows, to avoid light interference. Second, external doors and windows to avoid the complexity of environmental interference, such as population movements, vehicles and so on.
    Not being on the hot vents or cold and heat source
    The role of passive infrared detector senses changes in temperature have a close relationship. Hot and cold vents and hot and cold sources are likely to cause false alarms detectors, for some low performance of the detector, and sometimes the air flow through the windows and doors can also cause false positives.
    Not easy to swing the object being
    Easy to swing the object will make the microwave detector works, it also can cause false positives. Note that the illegal invasion routes of ancient purpose detectors installed sufficient to prevent the illegal invasion of criminals, in determining the installation location, you must consider the population of the main building. In fact, we prevent the entrance, cut off the illegal invasion route, it reached our goal.
    A reasonable selection
    Passive infrared detector with a variety of models. From 6 meters to 60 meters, to three from a single infrared technology, from wall to ceiling in there, then the women of the detector to prevent the space must take into account the size of the surrounding environment, the actual situation and the characteristics of import and export. Sometimes have to consider replacing the Fresnel lens to meet the requirements.
    After installation of the detector, the detector is the final commissioning work to be done. Passive infrared detector commissioning has two methods, one is the step test, is commissioning the region in the alert line to take the s-type range of length perception alert liberalization, from the figure we can understand that.
    Sensitivity of microwave and infrared sensitivity measured by-step approach to be adjusted, the sensitivity is too high or too low will affect the preventive effect. Sometimes the change of seasons, winter and summer respectively, to adjust the sensitivity. Microwave sensitivity must not be too large, because only the penetrating microwave, in the debug time to pay attention.
    The second method is measuring instruments, some with background noise detector output voltage, the voltage with a multimeter to test, when the detectors on their guard, it's the static background noise, the size of the output voltage, that the interference sources of interference level, in order to determine the suitability of the location of the installation of such detectors.
    Part of the above is just a passive infrared detector for use and the basic common installation method for point analysis, the various brands in the infrared treatment has its unique approach, so we use the installation, you must carefully read the instructions, the most important the accumulation of experience through practical work, the characteristics of the detector will be able to understand more about, so better to play a passive infrared detector in the security role of the project.
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