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  • Dongguan Daying Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
    HomeProductsSecurity AccessoriesHW400AWiFi intelligent infrared detector(HW400A)

    The infrared detector is used to detect when an intruder enters the room, the human body moving sensor can capture the infrared rays of the intruder, enter the alarm state, notify the intruder to enter through the timely push of the WiFi, and timely link the IP camera to record the evidence to the user's mobile phone. Send a signal. Suitable for home, hotel, office and other places

    Product parameters
    Input voltage:DC3V   CR123A
    Quiescent Current:≤45uA
    Alarm current:≤160mA
    Low power undervoltage:≤2.6V
    Detection distance:10M
    Detection angle:110°
    Installation method:Bracket mounting
    Operating temperature:-10-50℃
    Working humidity:95%RH  Up to 95% RH
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