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  • Dongguan Daying Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
    HomeProductsSecurity AccessoriesWireless KeypadWireless Keypad(DY-V5)

    Product description
    This product adopts advanced microprocessor technology as control core and takes the Latest 2.4G two-way communication radio-frequency technology as its transmitting solution, this keypad can be installed in the Indoor house, it is convenient to realize The Arm,Disarm, Stay Mode of Alarm host, also it can control the ON/OFF of smart socket.
    Technical specification
    Input voltage: 3V AA #7 battery
    Radio frequency: 2.4GHz
    Static current: ≦25uA
    Alarm current: ≦40mA
    Transmitting distance: ≦250M(in open area) Pair with Alarm
    Panel V5
    Operating temperature: -20-70℃ O
    Humidity: ≦80%
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