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  • Dongguan Daying Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
    HomeProductsSecurity AccessoriesHybrid PIR Sensor & CameraHybrid PIR Sensor & Camera(DY-W2)


    Hybrid PIR Sensor & Camera

    1. The Pioneered wireless infrared detector based on wifi network to realize the functions of Video talk, Voice Message and Video Recording, Alarm Notification,etc.
    2.Hybrid PIR&Camera
    3. HD video and image.
    4. Infrared detector with the feature of temperature compensation to
    reduce false alarm.
    5. Comprehensive APP setting. Support to Connect with the RF home
    alarm host.
    6. Support the online Update of latest App Version.
    7. Built-in high-capacity polymer battery ensures the regular work
    when the detector encounters power failure.
    8. Support max 32G memory card.


    Technical Parameter

    Power Input: DC5V 2A
    Static Current:≤350mA
    Alarm Current:≤600mA
    Backup Battery:4.2V 300mA Li-polymer battery
    Backup Battery Charge Duration:10 hours’ full charge can keep the
    work for 2 days( only the infrared part work, not with camera)
    Sensing device: 1 million COMS sensor
    Resolution: 1280 * 720
    Minimum illumination: day mode 0.1LUX, night mode 0.01LUX.
     noise-signal ratio: ≧38dB
    Lens / Viewing Angle: 3.6mm Megapixels @ F1.4 / 74 '
    Video mode: alarm recording
    Wireless mode: IEEE802.11b / g / n wireless network
    Radio Frequency:433MHz(±75KHz),PT2262 / 4.7MΩ
    EV1527/300K(433MHz is Customized)
    Transmitting Distance:≤80m(in open area).
    Detecting Scope:8M, Degree 110°.
    Temperature: -10℃~+50℃

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