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    HomeProductsGSM Alarm System SeriesV5 Alarm SystemV5 Alarm System(DY-V5)



    The Connection Between alarm host and alarm accessories adopts the long distance two-way communication technology. The higher penetration and more steady radio frequency, Global open ISM frequency band, free for using without Permit.

    The V5 Model can pair with 40 pieces wireless detectors, to prevent the alarm incidents like break-in, Fire, water leakage, Gas Leakage, etc.

    The Volumes of Calling Ring can be switched on 8 levels .

    Technical Parameters:

    Power Input:          DC 12V / 1A;
    Standby current:      ≤100mA;
    Alarming current :    ≤480mA;
    Backup Battery:       4.2V 300mAH rechargeable Lithium battery.
         Full charged time: 10 hours with battery on charge.   Standby time: 2.5 hours;
    Wired Siren volume:   120DB (The default beep time is 180s when alarm); 
    Alarm Host RF receiving frequency:     2.4GHZ
    Alarm Host RF transmitting frequency:  2.4GHZ
    Supported alarming telephone numbers:  6 alarm phone numbers, 1 CID center alarm number;
    Supported alarming message numbers: 3 SMS numbers
    Supported wireless accessories: 8 remote controllers, 40 wireless detectors
    Distance between accessories and alarm Host: remote controllers <100 meters(in the open distance) , detectors<80 meters(in the open distance). Please check after installation, the distance will be different with different obstacles.
    Factory default password: 1234
    Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃


    Control Panel×1
    Wireless Door/Window Contact×1
    Wireless PIR Motion Detector×1
    Wireless Remote Control×2
    Wired Siren×1

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