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    Home security monitoring market demand growth in the rise

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    U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics statistical results showed that about 75% of the U.S. crime is property crime. In 2003, the United States, 14 million of property stolen, of which 83% for home and business burglaries. According to FBI statistics, an average of 8 seconds each will have with the burglaries occurred in the next 20 years, there will be three-quarters of American families face the possibility of burglary. Faced with this situation, we can not sit still and wait for theft cases occurred in our heads, maybe it will not be things to watch the evening news, but to protect their home or business from the patronage of thieves, has become the world's most important One of the problems.
    Initially developed for the bank security video surveillance system has always been the way to intensive management there, though later it began to be used entertainment as well as airport security. Today, however, the price of CCTV video surveillance system has not expensive, it has been easy to use in the home. Its price has fallen to the level of public consumption, making the video surveillance system started to become an effective part of home security, and then began to build their own small business video surveillance system.
    CCTV video surveillance technology to reverse the progress that it was the most expensive security products of history, today's application security products have begun to go deep into the commercial real estate and residential. In fact, over the past 5 years, people have more than doubled investment in monitoring equipment, it is estimated that rose from 9.2 billion in 2010 to 210 billion dollars.
    The use of video surveillance system can alert the user to avoid deterioration of the situation threatened the same time, it can provide an important event in the video material. For you to help you monitor your store or business spending is not expensive to identify and arrest the thieves and vandals, the video surveillance system as long as help you prevent the occurrence of a crime, to save enough to make you buy the video above surveillance system equipment many times the loss.
    Retailers can use video surveillance system, CCTV monitoring of pickpockets and dishonest employees, to provide evidence against false accident claims and monitor store sales events. Manufacturers, government, hospitals and universities can use video surveillance equipment to ensure safety of passengers and employees, monitor hazardous work areas, to combat theft and maintain security of school buildings and parking facilities.
    Also, if you have the baby or child at home, using built-in infrared wireless baby monitor camera, whether you at home, day or night, it will help you keep a keen eye. When you go when you can through the family nanny - wireless cameras and DVR to ensure the little ones safe and sound, so you can rest assured.
    Although the enterprise video surveillance systems, home video surveillance systems, and wireless cameras in appearance and function are different, but almost all of the video surveillance camera system is mainly to prevent or detect illegal activities to ensure the safety of the person concerned. The following is a home or office surveillance system applications of some commonly used functions:
    Shops / Commercial Monitoring - Burglar
    Import and export video surveillance / intercom system
    Record family gatherings
    Baby / Child Care
    Remote housekeeping
    Monitoring the backyard swimming pool
    Patient care
    Monitor repair
    To prevent the destruction of heritage
    Pet care
    Provide a safe environment, reduce employee turnover
    Reduce employee theft
    Effect of improving security
    Reduce accident liability insurance
    Cashier monitoring
    GPS Tracking System
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