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    Continues to heat up digital building intercom into economic growth

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    Speaking of buildings, all of us for not a strange term.
    In the last 10 years, it is from small to large, industrial development has always been on the rise parabolic trend, known as the sunrise industry of

    intelligent building industry. However, in recent years, building intercom does not regulate market competition, enterprises struggle to fight the "price

    war" the phenomenon of frequent, serious constraints of the industry's sustainable development. Enterprises are in the meantime the building intercom to get

    rid of low-level price competition, to find a new break through the road.
    Sunrise industry continues to heat up
    Early 90s of last century, the domestic industry in its infancy building intercom, Guangdong, Fujian and other places with black and white building intercom

    building intercom manufacturer to seize the market opportunity products, building intercom dug pot of gold industry . In the ensuing period of time, China's

    real estate market continues to heat up, building intercom technology continues to evolve, making the unit building type intercom, network-based video

    intercom products gradually gain user acceptance in the community launched a new Talkback round of networking craze.
    Industry sources, 90 of the last century building intercom market's rapid growth is only a prelude to the rapid development of industries, products, or

    large-scale applications in the 21st century. Take the real estate industry, building intercom rapid development of the industry's "ride" in the market in a

    "blowout" type of growth. Pearl River Delta, Fujian and other areas have been the formation of industrial clusters building intercom. Related statistics, the

    current building intercom companies in Shenzhen market share of 35%, other parts of the Pearl River Delta building intercom products in the market share of

    25%, Fujian, building intercom market share of 20%. Speaking highly concentrated cluster of buildings so that the whole industry, competition becomes more

    intense, but also to manufacturers in these areas becomes public game of "arena."
    Industry escape the "low price" Shadows
    In order to fierce competition in the market and more profits, and many building intercom products, production and sales enterprises through low-cost way to

    expand market share. The reason is mainly building intercom industry many companies lack core technology, nor have the corresponding R & D capability, can

    only imitate the popular products on the market, relying on low prices with consumers of all ages. This low-cost way of competition to some extent disrupted

    the original market order, it is difficult to maintain the normal building intercom industry profits, so that the whole industry at a low level of the

    competition stage, limiting the industry's healthy development of the building intercom.
    Industry veteran who believes that building intercom into the healthy development of enterprises in order to track, we must rely on advanced technology,

    guide the consumer market; market, after sales increased, what will encourage enterprises to expand production, enterprise development and expansion of the

    building intercom up. Currently, manufacturers of building intercom cheap acts, while manufacturers in the short term can increase sales, but over the long

    term will reduce the other innovative companies a reasonable profit, reducing market participation and enthusiasm.
    When the technology industry throughout the building intercom capabilities have stayed at a lower level, you can not achieve technological innovation, can

    not lead the new market consumption, market, profit margins will be smaller and smaller.
    Figures into the new economic growth point
    Building intercom industry the negative impact of price competition has attracted the attention of a large number of enterprises. Pearl River Delta region

    have a lot of companies building intercom digital, network and link building intercom, triggered the debate about numbers, TCP / IP networking revolution,

    opened a half-digital intercom products, digital intercom products prelude to market applications.
    At present, Guangdong Province, some real estate properties for sale in all-pole-type building intercom digital product, digital intercom products will play

    an active role in marketing, more and more real estate to digital direction. Insiders pointed out that digital technology can provide users with intelligent

    life, to solve real life problems, will appear in science fiction movies, the scenes become a reality. But now restricting the development of digital

    intercom products, the main factor is price. Digital intercom products need to form a new chain to lower prices.
    At present, digital, network building intercom sector has become a trend. Modulus of hybrid products gradually by the users of all ages. We believe that with

    the increasing popularity of Internet, more and more users will gradually accept the digital product. Network, digital intercom products will usher in a broader space for development.

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